BIM, Point-cloud, Modeling, Visualisations & 360° UX

We are your partner for reality capture, design & visualisation of your project

Our Solutions:

Scan to BIM

Point cloud scanning to BIM (Revit)

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Revit work - MEP design

Let us produce the Mechanical, Electrical and Pluimbing (MEP) design for your project.

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Creating 3D models from reality capture. If you need a dimensioned model of your reality then we can capture and create the 3D model for you to use in Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk 3DSMax as well as Unity and Unreal engines.

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360° fly-throughs for immersive experiences

Internal and external "virtual" tours. For overseas buyers and follow-up marketing this is an invaluable tool.

We can also create fly-throughs for almost any space.

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CGI Visualisation

If you require an interior or exterior building visualisation then we can produce 3D models for your project. Whether it is a kitchen layout or full external visualisation then a CGI 3D model can provide a realistic "off-plan" visualisation of your build.

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