Restaurants & Retail

Walk-through experiences - as if you were there


Create a connection before your customer arrives with a virtual tour of your space

Engage with your customer before they have even walked through the door, whether you're an independent or chain of restaurants a RDR360 virtual tour will drive additional traffic to your Venue. They will be able to feel the ambience you want to create, book early to secure a table and view the menu via an info tag which can be added.

Event planners will enjoy the experience of a virtual tour and get a complete understanding of your venue from their laptops or phones leading to future function bookings.


Bring consumers to your door by engaging them with a RDR360 Virtual Tour of your shop with one scan and also get all the internal marketing imagery you need.

Showcase the d├ęcor and shopfloor from your website, zoom in to special products and information with an info tag. Have one scan or seasonal scans to relay what's new.

How it Works

One shoot using our 6 lens camera builds an accurate model from information scanned on the interior. This is processed via the Cloud and comes back with a cutting edge 3D experience walkthrough, print ready photography, floor plans and doll's house view.

You can upload onto your website the same as you would with an image.

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