Construction and Architecture

Building 360° views for owners, architects & developers

3D models of Real Interior Spaces:

Create real-world templates to kick-start the design process. Save time over manual measurements.

Kickstart your retrofit building design with an RDR360 scanned Point Cloud

A scanned space can be exported as a coloured point cloud that is ready for Autodesk ® ReCap. Use them as real-world templates to kickstart your as-built design process.

The automatically generated point cloud can also be brought into Autodesk Revit ™ or Google Sketchup and used as a template to model existing conditions.

Download point cloud scan test version

Faster BIM

Use a 3D scan as the foundation of your BIM process. They’re easy to create, and more complete than manual measurements. Use scans to analyze a property, and export as point clouds into your BIM modeling software to begin modeling from existing conditions.

Facilities Management Tool

An immersive walk-through can be a useful application for facilities management. We can tag all appliances and facilities within a building to help the maintenance teams speed up the documentation process and keep costs low.

Building familiarisation

A 3D building walk-through can also simply be used as a familiarisation experience for stakeholders, whether they are building owners, users or future visitors.

The 3D walk-through below was produced for a cookery school in order to show their future guests the facilities they have available.

How it Works

One shoot using our 6 lens camera builds an accurate model from information scanned on the interior. This is processed via the Cloud and comes back with a cutting edge 3D experience walkthrough, print ready photography, floor plans and doll's house view.

You can upload onto your website the same as you would with an image.

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