Luxury travel

Create an emotional connection

Luxury travel charters & sales:

Create an emotional connection and engage your clients with a RDR360 Virtual tour of your super yacht or Private jet.

The luxury travel business is an ever growing market with stunning private jets and super yachts with sumptuous interiors. Whether you're selling or chartering a stunning boat or private jet, a virtual tour can take you miles ahead of competitors.

Your clients can walk around the whole of the yacht or jet, take in the layout, see the cabins, seating areas, bathrooms, views from the windows, dining room, lounge, staff accommodation, kitchens and even the engineroom. You can add tags for more information as the client walks through.

Give your HNW clients a high end vision whilst in front of their computers, save time and generate future bookings.

How it Works

One shoot using our 6 lens camera builds an accurate model from information scanned on the interior. This is processed via the Cloud and comes back with a cutting edge 3D experience walkthrough, print ready photography, floor plans and doll's house view.

You can upload onto your website the same as you would with an image.

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